Building People

Building People

Individual and Collective Capacity

  • Individual and group leadership development from initial formation through advanced learning and sustainability
  • Individual and team development for accelerated performance
  • Leadership Coaching services for individual or team transformative learning
Building Systems  

Building Systems

Organization and Systemic Capacity            

  • Organizational culture analysis and shift to an adaptive culture that embraces continuous improvement and reinvention
  • Bridging collaboration across cultures, creating partnerships and mining diversity
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation services and skill development through collaborative negotiation
Building the Future 

Building the Future

Innovation and Renewal Capacity         

  • Strategic and innovation Planning facilitation
  • Design Thinking Processes for creative breakthroughs
  • Reengineering for stabilization out of crises
Research Capability

Building Research Capacity

Data Collection and Analysis 

  • Creating tools for data collection and analysis (surveys, interviews, focus groups, document review, case study)
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Application of data to individual and systems needs
  • Assessment and accountability systems for individual and organization development