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The Humorous Leader

cell: 414-688-9128

Dr. Peter Jonas is a full professor at Cardinal Stritch University.  He has written three books (two of them that were any good) in support of his research on humor:  Laughing and Learning:  An Alternative to Shut-up and Listen (2009) and Secrets of Connecting Leadership and Learning to Humor (2004).  Peter has more than 30 years teaching research, statistics, and leadership.  He has a keen interest in technology and has made more than 100 presentations across the country and working with organizations to develop skills across a broad variety of topics.

In addition, Peter has also been actively involved in consulting and writing; authoring more than 40 books, manuals, and articles in professional periodicals.  Peter is also a peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission.  He has served as the Dean of the College of Business and Management, Director of Institutional Research and worked on more than 50 different grant projects.  Ultimately, Peter attempts to integrate teaching, scholarship, service, and humor into his leadership philosophy.

Areas of Expertise:

  • My mission:  Specializing in research-based professional development to enhance the learning environment, and getting people to have fun.  Once you get people laughing, learning becomes organic

  • Helping organizations achieve their visions through strategic planning

  • Collecting/verifying/analyzing and reporting data based on interviews and focus groups

  • Research development, data collection, and analysis to help individuals and organizations make data-driven decisions.  My motto:  No data, no decision

  • Higher Learning Commission peer reviewer with expertise in assessment and preparing institutions for reaccreditation reports and visits

  • Advanced leadership development to transformational and servant leadership dispositions and applications

  • Working with schools from K4 to 12 and higher education with professional development on a variety of topics from brain-based research to best practices in teaching

  • Working with all types of organizations to perform program evaluations

  • Most noted proficiency is serving as keynote and speaker, especially in the area of humor

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