Nancy Blair, PhD  Senior Consultant

Nancy Blair, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr. Nancy Stanford Blair is Professor Emerita of Leadership Studies at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A former teacher and school administrator, Nancy currently consults in the areas of leadership formation, effectiveness and sustainability, organizational development and culture building, and the creation of learning organizations. She has taught at the Master's and Doctoral level and consults locally, nationally and internationally with schools, non-profits and business. Nancy has co-authored several books on leadership: Connecting Leadership to the Brain, and Leading with The Brain in Mind, and Mindful Leadership published by Corwin Press.

 Nancy's research interests lie in the area of leadership formation, sustainability and coherent leadership behavior that aligns core values, high impact performance and capacity building in others. Her latest book, summarizing her research findings, is Leading Coherently: Reflections from Leaders Around the World published by Sage.

Nancy currently is focusing her leadership study and teaching in the area of servant leadership, transformational change and social justice. She recently circled the globe to learn from a diverse array of fifty servant leaders from the United States, Africa, India and Europe to discover lessons they have to teach about their transformation to extraordinary leaders who serve.  Her fifth book, in progress, is titled Your Life is Your Message: The Transformative Path to Servant Leadership.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Building collaborations with individuals and within groups

  • Collecting/verifying/analyzing and reporting data based on interviews and focus groups

  • Leadership formation,  culture assessment and transformation,  team charters (development, assessment and growth to high performance)

  • Advanced leadership development to transformational and servant leadership dispositions and applications.

  • Design thinking and strategic innovative planning

  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Individual and collective transformation to coherent alignment between values, mindset and practice. 

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