Donna Recht, PhD  Senior Consultant

Donna Recht, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr. Donna Recht provides services to people and organizations to increase their capacity and effectiveness.  She has coached a variety of noted formal and informal leaders for the last 20 years.  Donna initially developed knowledge and skills in coaching individuals through her Doctoral research at Marquette in educational psychology.  As a licensed psychologist in Wisconsin, Donna brings a wealth of knowledge to her work related to motivation, cognition, and learning. A certified mediator, she works with individuals and groups to articulate needs and resolve conflict.

Additionally, Donna brings a broad range of expertise in research that can bring clarity to organization’s needs and develop a clearer understanding of the needs of clients and/or individuals the organization serves.  She has expertise in survey construction, establishing survey validity and reliability, and statistical analysis of survey results.  She is able to organize, facilitate, and analyze data from focus groups and interviews in order to provide qualitative information about organizational function.  It is important to start with internal and external data to plan a desire future.

With 44 years of work experience as a teacher, reading specialist, administrator, and assistant professor in K-12 and higher education, Donna brings a wealth of knowledge to the organizations she serves.  Most recently, Donna has worked in the College of Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University as a professor teaching Master’s degree courses in Educational Leadership and teaching and advising Doctoral students pursuing their PhD in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service.  An award winning teacher, Donna has expertise in assessment of learning, creating relevant learning opportunities for students, advising research, and consulting with school districts in curriculum, assessment, and teacher evaluation. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Building collaborations with individuals and within groups

  • Data collection, including building surveys based on organizational needs, constructing surveys and analyzing results

  • Collecting and verifying data based on interviews and focus groups

  • Various aspects of leadership, culture within organizations, team development (presentation/analysis) 

  • Educator Effectiveness  PPG, SLO and related teacher evaluation issues

  • Coaching

  • Licensed as a Mediator and psychologist

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